Wizards and Dragons NFT

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Wizards and Dragons NFT-:> The Wizards & Dragons NFT is a game that has been played by children throughout the globe since its inception. As a top table culture game in 1924, it was known for its war zones, covert educational exercises, and history.

This game has become a global sensation because of its fast and distinctive dragons and characters. Battlefields and top-table cultural tales with hidden visual lessons and history were popular in 1924 when this game was first released.

Wizards and Dragons NFT
Wizards and Dragons NFT

The NFT Specification for the Wizards of the Coast RPG

Treasure box and sacrifice games relating to NFT’s vibrant and youthful community are included in this game. The origins of the Ethdrium token chain’s distinctive designs The official website report includes the hashtags “signature” and “user” below.

  • On stage 1—15,000, Genesis, Tower Guard Mint, and Public Mint.
  • There are 24,000 GP from Generation 1 on stages 15,000–24,000.
  • 36,000 GP on hashtags 24,001–33,000.
  • Generation 3 accounts for 3,001–42,000 of the 48,000 GP on the hashtags.
  • 60,000 GP on the hashtag 42,001–51,001 for Generation 4.
  • The GP cap for Generation 5 is 72,000, according to the Wizards and Dragons NFT.
Wizards and Dragons NFT
Wizards and Dragons NFT


  • The floor price for the last seven days was 0.535 ETH.
  • 6,794.5 ETH has hidden a total of 2,084.79 ETH, or 13.6 percent of the total market capitalization.
  • $26,476,785.95 The volume during the 24-hour period is estimated to be 13.6 percent.
  • By a margin of 12.0 ETH, 570.41 ETH is the highest sale price in the game.
  • In the last seven days, 62–47.4 percent of owners invested resources.

It has more than a dozen thousand dollars in total assets. The trading on the floor is done at a cost of USD 2084.79 in the NFT list, which equates to USD 26476785.96 in market capital supplied by 12700 newly established and 362 unique owners. Popular in the United States, this game was just released with one dragon, one wizard, and a treasure chest for which the whole game focuses on sacrifices and minting. In the Wizards and Dragons NFT online minting procedure, every machine and blockchain processor contributes to the transaction.

One mythological snake, one wizard, and a money box are all that’s left of this popular American game, which revolves around penances and the printing process. In Wizards and Dragons NFT, each processor in the framework and blockchain works for the exchange of web-based stamps.


Our experts have concluded that epic battle is one of the most accessible tokens in Etherum’s new NFT collections, and we propose that you follow their advice as well.

The game wizard’s shipment and new offers are up for discussion in the section below.

Wizards and Dragons NFT
Wizards and Dragons NFT